Programme: Druglogics

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The COLOSYS project aims to develop a deeper understanding of colon cancer networks and convert them into computer models with which it will be better to predict response to treatment. The combination of computational, experimental and clinical testing will provide understanding of drug resistance mechanisms, and allow personalised treatment of colon cancer.

Programme: Druglogics

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Programme: COMBINE (Computational Modeling in Biology Network)

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Systems Biology of Clostridium acetobutylicum - a possible answer to dwindling crude oil reserves

CropClock - Increasing Crops Biomass by Uncovering the Circadian Clock Network Using Dynamical Models

The circadian clock is an internal timing system that allows plants to predict daily and seasonal changes in light and temperature and thus to adapt photosynthesis, growth, and development to external conditions. The core oscillator is well understood in the model plant Arabidopsis, however, relatively little is known about the dynamic effects of the clock on agronomic behaviour of crop plants.

Programme: ERASysAPP

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In the project “Crossover Research 2.0 – Well constructed Knowledge Commons” the domain of precision medicine is explored as a key visionary driver for developing the Knowledge Commons and the enabling of Systems Biology approaches to innovate healthcare. In particular, we seek to engage stakeholder concerns in investigating and establishing strategies for DrugLogics to contribute to the Knowledge Commons in an RRI mode.

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