For plants, light is a signal that carries information about the environment, and a source of energy for photosynthesis. PHYTOCAL focuses on the interaction between phytochrome signalling and photosynthesis, and seeks to understand fundamental processes that make carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) resources available for plant growth. These unexplored connections underlie biomass production and plasticity, which contribute significantly to yield variability in the field.

pISA-tree: Standard project directory tree (ISA compliant)

Development of support for standardization of directory trees to suport ISA framework of research organization. We are developing a set of batch/make files to enable creation of trees for storage of assets (data/presentations/protocols/scripts) and description files that hold associated metadata for Investigation / Study / Assay levels.

Programme: NIBSys

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EPSRC project with Exeter, SynthSys and EPCC

Programme: SynthSys

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Programme: Independent Projects

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Programme: Proteome Centre Tuebingen

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Systems analysis of process-induced stresses: towards a quantum increase in process performance of Pseudomonas putida as the cell factory of choice for white biotechnology.

The specific goal of this project is to exploit the full biotechnological efficacy of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 by developing new optimization strategies that increase its performance through a systems biology understanding of key metabolic and regulatory parameters that control callular responses to key stresses generated

Programme: SysMO

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