FAIRDOM will establish a support and service network for European Systems Biology. We will serve projects in standardising, managing and disseminating data and models in a FAIR manner: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

Programme: FAIRDOM

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Start date: 1st Nov 2014

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documents for use with RStudio-Shiny and java API testing

Programme: API_testing_projects

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Generating standardised templates for sharing.

Programme: This Project is not associated with a Programme

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Good data and model management improves the longevity and impact of your interdisciplinary research. FAIRDOM offers software and expertise to support you in better managing your interdisciplinary life-science projects, particularly in systems and synthetic biology. If you have never heard of data and model management, or are curious about it, or you are an expert keen to exchange ideas, our user meeting is the place for you!

At the meeting you will:

- Learn why data and model management is

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