Escherichia coli is a well-established and the most widely used organism for the production of recombinant proteins (used in medical and industrial applications, as molecular biology reagents, etc.). Production of proteins is the most resource exhaustive process for the cells and therefore needs to be optimized to achieve maximal productivities. Natural environment of E. coli is much harsher compared to the near optimal growth conditions used in production processes. In order to survive cells

How light control development

Programme: Modelling Light Control of Development

Public web page: Not specified

Start date: 1st Nov 2017

End date: 30th Nov 2021

This projects seeks to uncover how phytochrome signalling modulates leaf architecture

Programme: Halliday Lab

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Start date: 10th Jan 2017

No description specified

Programme: LiSyM - Systems Medicine of the Liver

Public web page: Not specified

Research group of Guillaume Lobet

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