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Modelling carbon core metabolism in Bacillus subtilis – Exploring the contribution of protein complexes in core carbon and nitrogen metabolism.

Bacillus subtilis is a prime model organism for systems biology approaches because it is one of the most advanced models for functional genomics. Furthermore, comprehensive information on cell and molecular biology, physiology and genetics is available and the European Bacillus community (BACELL) has a well-established reputation for applying

Programme: SysMO

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Bioprocesses for the optimized, integrated production of butyl esters from sustainable resources (BESTER)

Industrial Biotechnology is a key enabling technology to produce a plethora of different bio-based products from sustainable resources and a driver for developing the bio-based economy in Europe. Systems biology and Synthetic biology are recent additions to the biotechnology toolbox that in interplay with bioprocess and chemical process technology can help developing competitive industrial

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