Detection of pathogenic mutation in the patients with non-coronary heart diseases

The Systems Biology Service Center of de.NBI (de.NBI-SysBio) provides bioinformatics support and a standards-based data management for systems biology projects, with focus on the provenance of experimental results and on the reproducibility of modeling experiments, as well as high-quality curated biochemical data to modelers and experimentalists.
The node concentrates on two tools for the data management in life sciences research: SEEK, a catalogue for storage, registration and exchange of data

Programme: de.NBI Systems Biology Service Center (de.NBI-SysBio)

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Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to a pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture (DigiSal)

Salmon farming in the future must navigate conflicting and shifting demands of sustainability, shifting feed prices, disease, and product quality. The industry needs to develop a flexible, integrated basis of knowledge for rapid response to new challenges. Project DigiSal will lay the foundations for a Digital Salmon: an ensemble of mathematical descriptions of salmon physiology, combining

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