CoVIDD - Coronavirus interactions in drug discovery - optimization and implementation

In the CoVIDD project, we aim at unravelling interactions of viral proteins with the cellular factors and the host pathways involved in SARS-CoV-2 infection by a combination of modern technologies, genomics, proteomics, structural biology, chemoinformatics and drug discovery. To effectively search for drugs that could modify viral replication we need to know what human proteins and viral proteins interact. Thus, a comprehensive virus-host protein interaction network will help us to identify the potential protein targets for screening repurposable drugs. This is followed up with atomic-level structural determination of those interactions, virtual screening and cell-based virus inhibition assays to promote fast progression into clinical studies and potential antiviral therapy.

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Organisms: Homo sapiens, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

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Project created: 24th Feb 2021

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