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NFDI4Health task area 2 targets core deficits in medical sciences, i.e. the lack of harmonised standards for data and data quality management in clinical trials, public health surveys, and epidemiological cohorts, as well as the lack of information on and access to relevant standards. By making standards available, TA2 will improve the findability, accessibility and interoperability of existing and novel data bodies. For this purpose, guidelines, standards and policies on data management and ...

Project to test effects of temperature cycles on expression of Arabidopsis florigen gene FT, and whether these are mediated by temperature-dependent leaf development or temperature-specific FT expression, or both. Re-used and extended Arabidopsis Framework Model v1 to address this question. Led by Hannah Kinmonth-Schultz in Kim and Imaizumi labs, collaborating with Millar lab.

The objective of this project is an integrated understanding the metabolic, proteomic and genetic network that controls the transition from growth to glucose starvation. This transition is a fundamental ecophysiological response that serves as a scientific model for environmental signal integration and is pivotal for industrial fermentations of Bacillus that occur predominantly under nutrient starvation.

Keywords: Glucose starvation, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics,Bacillus subtilis,

Tool and work flow development for computational biology.

Submitter: Matthias König

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