nfdi4health - German National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data

nfdi4health aims to create the most comprehensive inventory of German epidemiological, public health and clinical trial data to date. It builds a centralised data catalogue with elaborate search functionalities, sophisticated data access management, and a data analysis toolbox, while respecting stringent requirements for privacy concerning personal health data. Standardisation services ensure a high degree of interoperability. Use cases covering prototypical study types and areas of research show the feasibility of a harmonised implementation of all infrastructures, tools and services in accordance with the user communities.

Main objectives of NFDI4Health are: (1) the implementation of a federated health data infrastructure in Germany for searching and accessing health care data and health databases, (2) to enhance data sharing and data linkage of personal health data in compliance with privacy regulations and ethics principles, (3) to enable the development and deployment of new consent management mechanisms and augmented data access services, and (4) to foster data sharing and cooperation between clinical research, epidemiological and public health communities.

FAIRDOM PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project start date: 1st Jul 2020

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