NFDI4Health T2.4: Standardisation of health data access and interoperability

T2.4 will define standardisation requirements and develop guidelines, as well as standard-based solutions for data access and interoperability in the defined use cases. To ensure compatibility with existing efforts aiming to improve data interoperability in medicine and healthcare, T2.4 also will coordinate its work closely with the same standardisation initiatives and technical committees of standardisation organisations as T2.2. To enable a seamless access and exchange of health data within the consortium, T2.4 will focus on: (1) the development of an interoperability roadmap that identifies and defines interoperability requirements relevant to the use cases. (2) To achieve semantic interoperability, relevant standards, terminologies and ontologies will be identified and applied to the use cases (this includes the development of use case-specific value sets based on international terminologies, such as SNOMED CT or LOINC). (3) Guidelines and implementation guides will be specified that define information models and core datasets for the use cases.

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