TA2 - Standards for FAIR Data

NFDI4Health task area 2 targets core deficits in medical sciences, i.e. the lack of harmonised standards for data and data quality management in clinical trials, public health surveys, and epidemiological cohorts, as well as the lack of information on and access to relevant standards. By making standards available, TA2 will improve the findability, accessibility and interoperability of existing and novel data bodies. For this purpose, guidelines, standards and policies on data management and publication (T2.1), data and metadata standards and integration (T2.2), data quality and provenance (T2.3), health data access and interoperability (T2.4) will be elaborated and disseminated specifically for the NFDI4Health use cases, with the involvement of the user community. Thus, TA2 will provide the conceptual background for services to be implemented in NFDI4Health.

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