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Aim: To provide quantitative data that will allow modeling of gene expression for all enzymes of redox metabolism and the pentose phosphate pathway. Modeling will be used to predict enzyme levels based on the integration of an RNA degradation model with translation and protein degradation rates.

Plan: The amounts of a protein in a cell can be determined by the rates of transcription, mRNA processing, translation, mRNA turnover and protein degradation. In trypanosomes analysis is simpler because ...

methods developed during COSMIC

The investigation entails the construction and validation of a detailed mathematical model for glycolysis of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in the blood stage trophozoite form.

We performed topological analysis on the diagrams of the COVID-19 DM repository using the tool Vanted / SBGN-ED, which supports the import and export of several standard formats (such as SBML, SBGN-ML, and GML).

Collection of models submitted to PLaSMo by Maria-Luisa Guerriero and automatically transferred to FAIRDOM Hub.

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