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I created this for all SysMo Modellers

http://www.semanticsbml.org/aym Annotate Your Model

There you can annotate your non SBML models with biological terms (MIRIAM annotations). As a cool extra you can view you model source code with inserted biological infomation.

Together with this http://www.semanticsbml.org/semanticSBML you can serach for similar BioModels. The similarity search is based on MIRIAM annotations that are attached to you model. AYM also allows you to create annotations without a model ("Add Variables Directly") that can be used to find similar BioModels.

I am responsible for the data management and part of the modelling in the Translucent project.

Projects I am also involved in

http://sbos.eu/ SB.OS is a live DVD based on Ubuntu Linux that comes with a comprehensive list of Systems Biology Software. Text and video documentation material, as well as an offline copy of the BioModels.net database, are included.

http://semanticsbml.org/ SBML is the leading standard format for mathematical models in systems biology. The tool semanticSBML helps you to merge SBML models and to edit their biochemical annotations.

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/people/253

Location:  Germany

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