Systems Biology of Monovalent Cation Homeostasis in Yeast


Maintenance of monovalent cation homeostasis (mainly K(+) and Na(+)) is vital for cell survival, and cation toxicity is at the basis of a myriad of relevant phenomena, such as salt stress in crops and diverse human diseases. Full understanding of the importance of monovalent cations in the biology of the cell can only be achieved from a systemic perspective. Translucent is a multinational project developed within the context of the SysMO (System Biology of Microorganisms) initiative and focussed in the study of cation homeostasis using the well-known yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model. The present review summarize how the combination of biochemical, genetic, genomic and computational approaches has boosted our knowledge in this field, providing the basis for a more comprehensive and coherent vision of the role of monovalent cations in the biology of the cell.


DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-800143-1.00001-4


Journal: Advances in Microbial Systems Biology


Date Published: 2014

Authors: Joaquin Ariño, Ebru Aydar, Samuel Drulhe, Daniel Ganser, Jesus Jorrin, Matthias Kahm, Falko Krause, Silvia Petrezselyova, Lynne Yenush, Olga Zimmermannová, G. Paul H. van Heusden, Maik Kschischo, Jost Ludwig, Chris Palmer, Jose Ramos, Hana Sychrova

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Ariño, J., Aydar, E., Drulhe, S., Ganser, D., Jorrín, J., Kahm, M., … Sychrová, H. (2014). Systems Biology of Monovalent Cation Homeostasis in Yeast. In Advances in Microbial Physiology (pp. 1–63). Elsevier.

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