integrative cluster analysis - proliferative cardiomyocytes

This study includes the single snRNA-seq in whole adult murine hearts from an inbred (C57BL/6NRj) and an outbred (Fzt:DU) mouse strain in comparison to publicly available scRNA-seq data of the tabula muris project.


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Projects: iRhythmics

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Projects: iRhythmics

Experimentalists: Markus Wolfien, Anne-Marie Galow, Paula Müller

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Galow, A.-M., & Wolfien, M. (2020). integrative cluster analysis - proliverative cardiomyocytes. FAIRDOMHub.
Note: This is a citation for Snapshot 1 of this Study, the contents of which may vary from what is shown on this page.
Snapshot 1 (4th May 2020) DOI

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