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About Stephanie Heux:

Dr. Stephanie Heux is leader of the MetaSys Team at LISB of Toulouse. She has 14 years of experience with microorganism as a model, metabolic engineering and NMR & MS-based metabolomics and fluxomics. After a 2-year Marie Curie fellowship at ETH Zurich where she developed advanced metabolomics methods and data mining approaches, she joined the LISBP as INRA researcher to undertake systems biotechnology research. She is interested in the microbial metabolism and, in particular, its organization, its functioning and its adaptation. She applied systemic, iterative, integrative approaches to understand and predict the behavior of natural and synthetic metabolic systems of various microorganisms for biotechnological applications. To do that, she developed in silico (reconstruction and modelling of the metabolism) and experimental methods (metabolomics, fluxomics). She is the PI of the iGEM team of Toulouse.


Location:  France


Joined: 18th Jun 2015

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Project positions

MetApp (INSA Toulouse) ; C1Pro (INSA Toulouse)

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