P2012_AJMv2_NoABA - PLM_69, version 2

Andrew's work-in-progress P2012 version. <strong>NB KNOWN PROBLEMS</strong> do not use lightly.	Derived from PLM_49, after removing ABA regulation and tidying up the SBML in COPASI.	Please see version comments for IMPORTANT notes.<br><br><strong>Comments</strong><p>
No parameters constrained in version 1 file.</p>

2013-02-26 17:31:26 3 amillar2 andrew.millar@ed.ac.uk

Compiled successfully in SBSI for optimisation.

2013-02-26 17:28:18 3 amillar2 andrew.millar@ed.ac.uk

Version Comments

Version 2 is file P2012_fin_NoABAv4.xml of 6th March.

It corrects the m37 and local m9, m10 errors in version 1.

However, owing to multiple parameter changes elsewhere in P2012, the model has 22h period in LL, so needs optimisation if it's to be used again.

Alexandra's comment: In P2012 I refitted partameters so that the hormonal loop is working and refitted parameters of lhy/cca1 and lhy/cca1/toc1 so that they correspond to data.

Originally submitted to PLaSMo on 2013-02-26 17:23:01

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/assays/882

Modelling Analysis

BioData SynthSys

Projects: Millar group, PlaSMo model repository

Investigation: Millar, Andrew (ex-PlaSMo models)

Study: P2012_AJMv2_NoABA - PLM_69

Assay position:

Biological problem addressed: Gene Regulatory Network

Organisms: No organisms

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Andrew Millar


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