AuxSim - PLM_27, version 1

A cell-level model of the Arabidopsis root elongation zone. This spatial model is divided up into biological cells which are further divided into simulation boxes. The original model was designed to investigate how canal cells can accumulate auxin over time rather than to investigate the transport of auxin through the canal cells per se. The main outputs of the simulations in the original paper were the steady state ratios of auxin in the canal cell protoplasts to that in the parenchyma cell protoplasts for different cell sizes and AUX/LAX auxin carrier distributions.	Note that the working version of the model is in the Simile (.sml) version rather than in XML (which is a temporary holding dummy file). 	The publication is:	Kramer E.M. (2004) PIN and AUX/LAX proteins: their role in auxin accumulation. TRENDS in Plant Sciences, 9, 578-582 (+ supplementary material).<br><br><strong>Version Comments</strong><p>
Supplementary data files include PDF screenshot, SML model that works in Simile, configuration files to specify the tissue organisation, and example files to confirm correct operation.</p>

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Projects: Millar group, PlaSMo model repository

Investigation: Millar, Andrew (ex-PlaSMo models)

Study: AuxSim - PLM_27

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Biological problem addressed: Gene Regulatory Network

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