AnthraxKP: a knowledge graph-based, Anthrax Knowledge Portal mined from biomedical literature.


Anthrax is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis (anthrax bacterium) that affects not only domestic and wild animals worldwide but also human health. As the study develops in-depth, a large quantity of related biomedical publications emerge. Acquiring knowledge from the literature is essential for gaining insight into anthrax etiology, diagnosis, treatment and research. In this study, we used a set of text mining tools to identify nearly 14 000 entities of 29 categories, such as genes, diseases, chemicals, species, vaccines and proteins, from nearly 8000 anthrax biomedical literature and extracted 281 categories of association relationships among the entities. We curated Anthrax-related Entities Dictionary and Anthrax Ontology. We formed Anthrax Knowledge Graph (AnthraxKG) containing more than 6000 nodes, 6000 edges and 32 000 properties. An interactive visualized Anthrax Knowledge Portal(AnthraxKP) was also developed based on AnthraxKG by using Web technology. AnthraxKP in this study provides rich and authentic relevant knowledge in many forms, which can help researchers carry out research more efficiently. Database URL: AnthraxKP is permitted users to query and download data at


PubMed ID: 35653350

Projects: SNAPPER: Synergistic Neurotoxicology APP for Environmental Regulation

Publication type: Journal

Journal: Database (Oxford)

Citation: Database (Oxford). 2022 Jun 2;2022:baac037. doi: 10.1093/database/baac037.

Date Published: 2nd Jun 2022

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Authors: B. Feng, J. Gao

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