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Hannah P.Gideon, Travis K.Hughes, Constantine N.Tzouanas, Marc H.WadsworthII, Ang AndyTu, Todd M.Gierahn, Joshua M.Peters, Forrest F.Hopkins, Jun-RongWei, Conner Kummerlowe, Nicole L.Grant, Kievershen Nargan, Jia YaoPhuah, H. JacobBorish, Pauline Maiello, Alexander G.White, Caylin G.Winchell, Sarah K.Nyquist, Sharie Keanne C.Ganchua, Amy Myers, Kush V.Patel, Cassaundra L.Ameel, Catherine T.Cochran, Samira Ibrahim, Jaime A.Tomko, Lonnie JamesFrye, Jacob M.Rosenberg, Angela Shih, Michael Chao, Edwin ...

Haosheng Feng, Shao-Xiong Lennon Luo, Robert G Croy, John M. Essigmann, Timothy M. Swager

Cu(I) from tetrakis(acetonitrile)copper(I) hexafluorophosphate ([Cu(MeCN)4]PF6) was complexed with five structurally related phosphines containing N-heterocycles. The interactions between the resulting complexes and some N-nitrosamines were studied using X-ray crystallography as well as emission spectroscopy. Upon complexation, three ...

Amanda L. Armijo, Pennapa Thongaram, Bogdan I. Fedeles, Judy Yau, Jennifer E Kay, Joshua J. Corrigan, Marisa Chancharoen, Supawadee Chawanthayatham, Leona D. Samson, Sebastian E. Carrasco, Bevin P. Engelward, James G. Fox, Robert G. Croy & John M. Essigmann

DNA-methylating environmental carcinogens such as N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) and certain alkylators used in chemotherapy form O6-methylguanine (m6G) as a functionally critical intermediate. NDMA ...

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