Processed TiMet WP1.1a RNA data, mean
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Mean values of clock gene RNA data in absolute units of RNA copies per cell (calculated from copies per gFW, / 25 million cells/gFW) from TiMet WP1.1, RNA dataset ros (from rosettes). Note the Col data are from WP1.1, not substituted with Col from the LD12:12 of the WP1.2 photoperiod data set, as they were in Flis et al. 2015. Note also that cL_m in these data is taken from CCA1 only, not the average of CCA1 and LHY as in the data sets used for optimisation of P2011.2.1 in Flis et al. 2015.

The originating data are available from the Attribution link below, or equivalently on choose ("Browse Public Resources" on the Login screen), then you can link to, "TiMet WP1.1 qRT-PCR LD to LL and LD"


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