Reproducibility tool set

This section contains the links to the tools used for reproducing the computational results presented in U2019. This is required because SloppyCell is under the risk of becoming rotting code. Using Docker we can assure some persistence for the computational environment that allows to run SloppyCell.

The associated git repository can be found in which can be cloned.

The docker image can either be pulled from the docker hub site

docker pull uurquiza/urquiza2019a_tellurium_sloppycell:latest

or built by running the commd

docker build user/container:version

inside the git folder.

Then container can be started by running sh in a unix-like env. Window users will need to run the docker command on the terminal by making the adequate changes in the path syntax


Modelling analysis

Uriel Urquiza Garcia

Projects: Millar group

Investigation: Absolute units in Arabidopsis clock models up to U2020.3

Study: P2011, U2019 and U2020 models and modelling resources

Assay position:

Biological problem addressed: Model Analysis Type

Organisms: No organisms

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Last updated: 22nd Mar 2021 at 09:49

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