Connecting parts with processes: SubtiWiki and SubtiPathways integrate gene and pathway annotation for Bacillus subtilis


Bacillus subtilis is the model organism for a large group of Gram-positive bacteria, the Firmicutes. Several online databases have been established over time to manage its genetic and metabolic information, but they differ greatly in their rate of update and their focus on B. subtilis. Therefore, a European systems biology consortium called for an integrated solution that empowers its users to enrich online content. To meet this goal we created SubtiWiki and SubtiPathways, two complementary online tools for gene and pathway information on B. subtilis 168. SubtiWiki ( ) is a scientific wiki for all genes of B. subtilis and their protein or RNA products. Each gene page contains a summary of the most important information; sections on the gene, its product and expression; sections concerning biological materials and laboratories; and a list of references. SubtiWiki has been seeded with key content and can be extended by any researcher after a simple registration, thus keeping it always up to date. As a complement, SubtiPathways ( is an online tool for navigation of the metabolism of B. subtilis and its regulation. Each SubtiPathways diagram presents a metabolic pathway with its participating enzymes, together with the regulatory mechanisms that act on their expression and activity, in an intuitive interface that is based on Google Maps. Together, SubtiWiki and SubtiPathways provide an integrated view of the processes that make up B. subtilis and its components, making it the most comprehensive web resource for B. subtilis researchers.


PubMed ID: 19959575

Projects: BaCell-SysMO

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Journal: Microbiology (Reading, Engl.)


Date Published: 3rd Dec 2009

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Authors: Christoph R Lammers, , Arne G Schmeisky, Sebastian F Roppel, Ulrike Mäder, ,

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