A community-curated consensual annotation that is continuously updated: the Bacillus subtilis centred wiki SubtiWiki


Bacillus subtilis is the model organism for Gram-positive bacteria, with a large amount of publications on all aspects of its biology. To facilitate genome annotation and the collection of comprehensive information on B. subtilis, we created SubtiWiki as a community-oriented annotation tool for information retrieval and continuous maintenance. The wiki is focused on the needs and requirements of scientists doing experimental work. This has implications for the design of the interface and for the layout of the individual pages. The pages can be accessed primarily by the gene designations. All pages have a similar flexible structure and provide links to related gene pages in SubtiWiki or to information in the World Wide Web. Each page gives comprehensive information on the gene, the encoded protein or RNA as well as information related to the current investigation of the gene/protein. The wiki has been seeded with information from key publications and from the most relevant general and B. subtilis-specific databases. We think that SubtiWiki might serve as an example for other scientific wikis that are devoted to the genes and proteins of one organism.Database URL: The wiki can be accessed at http://subtiwiki.uni-goettingen.de/

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Date Published: 26th May 2009

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Authors: , Sebastian F Roppel, Arne G Schmeisky, Christoph R Lammers,

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