Hanna Sahlström

About Hanna Sahlström:

Ph.D. student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences interested in protein stoichiometry and genetics. Currently, I am studying nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in salmon lice, in an effort to understand how they function, their stoichimetric structure and their importance to the salmon louse. This is part of a larger fundamental research project which covers several invertebrates including bees, mosquitos and ticks, as these receptors are not as well studied in invertebrates as in vertebrates.

My previous focus was the MOD-CUL project, in which I collected data on cell functions from epithelial salmonid gut cells. The main goal is to carry out -omics analysis of in vitro cells grown in culture and connect their cellular functions to systems biology modelling. This data will then be used for further modelling in the DigiSal project.

Master of Biology specialized in Animal Biology, where my Master Project focused on determining if transposable elements effect gene regulation in Atlantic salmon.

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