Modelling complex biological systems using an agent-based approach


Many of the complex systems found in biology are comprised of numerous components, where interactions between individual agents result in the emergence of structures and function, typically in a highly dynamic manner. Often these entities have limited lifetimes but their interactions both with each other and their environment can have profound biological consequences. We will demonstrate how modelling these entities, and their interactions, can lead to a new approach to experimental biology bringing new insights and a deeper understanding of biological systems.


PubMed ID: 22052476

Projects: SUMO

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Journal: Integr Biol (Camb)


Date Published: 2012

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Authors: , Salem Adra, Mesude Bicak, Shawn Chin, Simon Coakley, , , Chris Greenough, Duncan Jackson, Mariam Kiran, Sheila MacNeil, , Phil McMinn, Mark Pogson, , Eva Qwarnstrom, Francis Ratnieks, , Rod Smallwood, Tao Sun, David Worth

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