SysMO is a European transnational funding and research initiative on "Systems Biology of Microorganisms".

The goal pursued by SysMO was to record and describe the dynamic molecular processes going on in unicellular microorganisms in a comprehensive way and to present these processes in the form of computerized mathematical models.

Systems biology will raise biomedical and biotechnological research to a new quality level and contribute markedly to progress in understanding. Pooling European research

Projects: BaCell-SysMO, COSMIC, SUMO, KOSMOBAC, SysMO-LAB, PSYSMO, SCaRAB, MOSES, TRANSLUCENT, STREAM, SulfoSys, SysMO DB, SysMO Funders, SilicoTryp, Noisy-Strep

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The currently used mathematical models for medical treatment at the individual or population level are largely phenomenological and have limited quantitative predictive power. It is usually not possible to predict the effect of an intervention in a specific process or to predict the effect of a pharmaceutical drug since the step or enzyme on which the intervention/drug works is not explicit in the model.

Taking HIV pathogenesis as an example, the immune system response, vaccine exposure, and drug

Projects: Whole body modelling of glucose metabolism in malaria patients, Steroid biosynthesis, Yeast glycolytic oscillations

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SynthSys is the University of Edinburgh's research organisation in interdisciplinary, Synthetic and Systems Biology, founded in 2012 as the successor to the Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh (CSBE).

Projects: Millar group, PHYTOCAL: Phytochrome Control of Resource Allocation and Growth in Arabidopsis and in Brassicaceae crops, TiMet, POP - the Parameter Optimisation Problem, Regulation of flowering time pathways in Arabidopsis on the summer Solstice., PlaSMo model repository

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SAFE-Aqua (SustainAble Farming for Effective Aquaculture) is an international consortium research project, consisting of a group of multidisciplinary experts from leading research institutes in France, UK, Thailand and a private-company in Spain.

Projects: SAFE-Aqua

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SBRC Nottingham focuses on the sustainable and economically viable production of platform/speciality chemicals through SynBio-engineered, gas fermenting microbes capable of using single carbon (C1) feedstocks.

Projects: Not specified

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