The coordinated project TREASURE has as main objective the development and evaluation of a modular treatment train comprising two lines operated in parallel to valorize and treat the wastewater (WW) produced in the fish-canning industry.

Biogroup will be responsible for the Sub-Project 1 TECHNOSALT "Unravelling salt and temperature effects on the performance of an integrated modular system for fish canning wastewater treatment and valorization" Its objective is the development and evaluation of

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Salmon farming in the future must navigate conflicting and shifting demands of sustainability, shifting feed prices, disease, and product quality. The industry needs to develop a flexible, integrated basis of knowledge for rapid response to new challenges. The Digital Salmon will be an ensemble of mathematical descriptions of salmon physiology, combining mathematics, high-dimensional data analysis, computer science and measurement technology with genomics and experimental biology into a concerted

Projects: GenoSysFat, DigiSal, SEEK tutorial for DigiSal

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PhD Thesis of Angeles Hueso Gil

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