Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) project OXYMOD - Optimized oxidative enzyme systems for efficient conversion of lignocellulose to valuable products

Projects: OXYMOD

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The DrugLogics initiative comprises a number of different subprojects, all geared towards the development of personalised medicine, or precision medicine

Projects: CausalDB, Colosys, Crossover Research 2.0, NTNU Health Druglogics

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The goal of the dCod-project is to combine the competencies in environmental toxicology, biology, bioinformatics and mathematics across the traditional department boundaries, to create a deeper understanding of cods' adaptations and reactions to stressors in the environment.
Building on the thoroughly studies and mapping of the cod genome at UiO and the long research traditions on cod at the Department of Biology at UiB, the dCod project will expand our knowledge with methods based on genomics;

Projects: Systems toxicology of Atlantic cod

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The German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure - de.NBI offers first class bioinformatics services including training and education to users in basic and applied life sciences research. In this network 40 projects belonging to eight service centers provide services that cover a wide variety of methods (genomics, proteomics, ...) and applications (from plants to humans).
de.NBI-SysBio is the Systems Biology Service Center of de.NBI. In collaboration with FAIRDOM, de.NBI-SysBio serves the

Projects: de.NBI-SysBio, ExtremoPharm, ZucAt, Kinetics on the move - Workshop 2016, Example use cases, ScyCode

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