LAB with ATP-driven glucose import of yeast
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The principles of Stealthy Engineering (Adamczyk et al.: Biotechnology Journal 2012; 7(7):877-83) are illustrated in this model by emulating a cross engineering intervention between L. lactis and S. cerevisiae.

The case study consists of replacing the native glucose uptake system of L. lactis with that native to the yeast S. cerevisiae. A modified version of Hoefnagel et al.’s model of L. lacrtis’ central metabolism was used as starting point. The total functional replacement of the PTS with the yeast glucose transport plus hexokinase was achieved by modifying the relevant parameters according to the Stealthy Engineering approach discussed in Adamczyc et al. 2012.


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Organism: Lactococcus lactis

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: Copasi

Execution or visualisation environment: Copasi

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