Course in modelling COVID-19 epidemics

Crash course of Mathematical modelling, for any learners who want to use models to better understand and assess COVID-19 policies around the world! This course aims at anyone who seeks to understand and assess the utility of mathematical models to make a prediction which could play a key role in government policymaking, as well as a research strategy for pandemic diseases such as COVID-19. The strategies of ‘learning by example’ and ‘learning by doing’ will be here instantiated as learning how to use and tailor the Westerhoff & Kolodkin COVID-19’s model. This model will be used as a tool to analyse late phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, to collect and analyse data, and to use these data for model-driven predictions that identify the best strategies for dealing with the second wave of this pandemic and with future epidemics of this type.


Projects: Modelling COVID-19 epidemics

Hans V. Westerhoff

30th Nov 2020 at 15:10

2nd Dec 2020 at 15:10

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online course

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