Python Workflow for Analysis of Specific Activities and DLS data

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Gre2p activity monitored by NADPH absorbance using different enzyme concentrations. Activity is measured after different storage conditions (treatments) and in presence of different amounts of tween. Also analysis of DLS data of homogeneity of Gre2p samples measured before and after these treatments.

A python workflow is used to analyse the data and create a plot of the data. It requires the following directory structure:

./ ./ ./

and as input:

./SpAc_diff_conditions.CSV ./SpAc_diff_Tween.CSV ./DLS_Z-average_Tween.CSV ./DLS_Z-average_PBSandHEPES.CSV ./DLS_PDI.CSV ./DLS_PDI_BSA_stirr.CSV ./DLS_PDI_BSA_shake.CSV ./DLS_Z-average_BSA_stirr.CSV ./DLS_Z-average_BSA_shake.CSV


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