Python Workflow for analysis of ITC data
Version 3

Python workflow for the analysis of ITC-BIND, ITC-MIM and ITC-(r)SIM experiments. Organized in a *.zip folder. Requires the following directory structure:

./ ./input/BINDING/.apj ./input/BINDING/.csv ./input/KINETICS/.apj ./input/KINETICS/.csv ./scripts/ ./scripts/

And can be executed by running python in the directory. Filenames for the input *.apj and *.csv files are defined in The output directory is written by the workflow, and output pngs and csvs are organized in a ./output/BINDING or ./output/KINETICS directory

Note: the same workflow is used for the analysis of all data from ITC experiments, but different functions in the workflows are used for analysis of binding or kinetics data.


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Version History

Version 3 (latest) Created 3rd May 2021 at 07:26 by Gudrun Gygli

Adjusted y-axis label of "kinetics plots" to "microcal/s" (from "microcal/")

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