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Consortium of European research groups that aim to develop - in the forthcoming 10 years - a cluster of interlinked models that describe the whole-body human energy metabolism and its multi-dimensional regulation. Regulation includes interations with the brain, the immune system and the gut.

Projects: HUMET Startup

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Research of Computational Systems Biology Group, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Latvia and Biosystems group at Latvia University of Agriculture is funded by several programmes in several projects. This program is an umbrella for the projects.

Projects: Not specified

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This programme is used to store published data files that are not available in other FAIRDOM projects. We specifically store information for journals that we collaborate with for technical curation of mathematical models. These files are used in COMBINE archives to reproduce journal figures.

Projects: Molecular Systems Biology

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The currently used mathematical models for medical treatment at the individual or population level are largely phenomenological and have limited quantitative predictive power. It is usually not possible to predict the effect of an intervention in a specific process or to predict the effect of a pharmaceutical drug since the step or enzyme on which the intervention/drug works is not explicit in the model.

Taking HIV pathogenesis as an example, the immune system response, vaccine exposure, and drug ...

Projects: Whole body modelling of glucose metabolism in malaria patients, Steroid biosynthesis, Yeast glycolytic oscillations, Computational pathway design for biotechnological applications

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SysMO is a European transnational funding and research initiative on "Systems Biology of Microorganisms".

The goal pursued by SysMO was to record and describe the dynamic molecular processes going on in unicellular microorganisms in a comprehensive way and to present these processes in the form of computerized mathematical models.

Systems biology will raise biomedical and biotechnological research to a new quality level and contribute markedly to progress in understanding. Pooling European research ...

Projects: BaCell-SysMO, COSMIC, SUMO, KOSMOBAC, SysMO-LAB, PSYSMO, SCaRAB, MOSES, TRANSLUCENT, STREAM, SulfoSys, SysMO DB, SysMO Funders, SilicoTryp, Noisy-Strep

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e:Bio - Innovations Competition Systems Biology

Projects: SulfoSys - Biotec, SBEpo - Systems Biology of Erythropoietin

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