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Presented by Yannick Wurm at the first FAIRDOM user meeting.

Creators: Natalie Stanford, Yannick Wurm

Contributor: Natalie Stanford

No description specified

Creator: Maja Rey

Contributor: Maja Rey

This presentation gives an overview of the way we structure and share data in the SEEK using JERM templates, and how we use the ISA hierarchy of Investigations, Studies, and Assays to associate experiments and data sets together.
These slides were presented at the SEEK Users meeting in Berlin 2012.

Creator: Katy Wolstencroft

Contributor: Katy Wolstencroft

Olga's presentation at SySMO PALs meeting 29 – 30 November 2012, Heidelberg

Creators: Olga Krebs, PALs

Contributor: Olga Krebs

Poster presented during the ICSB 2011 conference in Mannheim

Creators: Abeer Fadda, Christine Clayton

Contributor: Abeer Fadda

How do you communicate a complex research endeavour in simple words and pictures using only two minutes? In my case that turned out to be scientifically impossible, but we managed to shave it down to three. This poster shows and tells how we went about it.

Creator: Jon Olav Vik

Contributor: Jon Olav Vik

Issues and considerations for data management as SysMO projects approach the end of their funding

Creator: Katy Wolstencroft

Contributor: Katy Wolstencroft

No description specified

Creator: Nadine Veith

Contributor: Nadine Veith

Presentation by Thomas Millat of a tool for automatized analysis of flow cytometry data. It allows characterisation of different growth modalities, statistical measures of mean and variance and estimation of population overlap all along with appropriate visualization.

Creator: Thomas Millat

Contributor: Ulf Liebal

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