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My graduation project presentation given on 22 of June at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in The Netherlands.

Creator: Wout Van Helvoirt

Contributor: Wout Van Helvoirt

SEEK functionalities presented by Olga Krebs

Creators: Olga Krebs, Wolfgang Müller

Contributor: Olga Krebs

Written and presented by Wolfgang Müller (HITS) as part of the Reproducible and Citable Data and Models Workshop in Warnemünde, Germany. September 14th - 16th 2015.

Creators: Natalie Stanford, Wolfgang Müller

Contributor: Natalie Stanford

Our group develops computational models of the liver within the German systems biology projects VLN (Virtual Liver Network) and LiSyM (Systems Medicine of the Liver). In this talk we present our experiences in data and model management in recent years and future directions towards reproducible computational research we plan to implement.

We give an overview over the role of Fairdom and SEEK within our data management solution and how this integrates with and complements other approaches such as

Creator: Matthias König

Contributor: Matthias König

The acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation of Clostridium acetobutylicum attracts new attention because it provides a potential alternative for the synthesis of value added chemicals to petroleum and other fossil reserves. This fermentative metabolic process comprises two distinct metabolic states that differ in their product spectrum. Growing on starch or sugars the predominant fermentation products are acetate and butyrate during acidogenesis (high pH). In contrast, C. acetobutylicum produces

Creator: Thomas Millat

Contributor: Thomas Millat

No description specified

Creator: Melanie Stefan

Contributor: Melanie Stefan

Presentation by Michael Ederer and Klaas Hellingwerf at the SysMO Conference 2013 (Feb 2013, Berlin)

Creator: Michael Ederer

Contributor: Michael Ederer

Talk given by Maksim Zakhartsev (Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany, member of MOSES, ZucAt and ExtremoPharm projects)

Creator: Maksim Zakhartsev

Contributor: Maksim Zakhartsev

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