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The talk shows that proline biosynthesis and accumulation is connected to glycine betaine availability. Glycine betaine complements proline function.

Creator: Tamara Hoffmann

Contributor: Ulf Liebal

December, 22th, 2011

Creator: Daniel Hönicke

Contributor: Daniel Hönicke

July, 8th, 2011

Creator: Daniel Hönicke

Contributor: Daniel Hönicke

April, 5th, 2011

Creator: Daniel Hönicke

Contributor: Daniel Hönicke

No description specified

Creator: Sebastian Curth

Contributor: Sebastian Curth

Presented by MARTIN SCHARM at SySMO PALs meeting 29-30 November 2012 in Heidelberg

Creators: Olga Krebs, MARTIN SCHARM

Contributor: Olga Krebs

Presentation given by Colin Harwood presenting results about ITC experiments to confirm interactions. Preliminary crystallisation experiments commenced on suitable candidates.

Creator: Colin Harwood

Contributor: Ulf Liebal

This presentation reports about the results from an investigation of a ClosTron-mutant lacking CoA-transferase activity. Using our two-population model developed for the wild type of C. acetobutylicum, we analyse the changes in the formation of products caused by that mutation. In particular, we focus on the investigation of the acid re-assimilation after the initiation of the pH shift. Our comparison of experimental data and simulation unravels that an CoA-independent re-assimilation mechanism

Creator: Thomas Millat

Contributor: Thomas Millat

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