Muscle fatty acid analysis GenoSysFat feed-switch experiment 2015-2016
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Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) analysis showing which fatty acids were in the samples, though not what specific lipids they were part of (triacylglycerides, phospholipids, etc.)

Values in Ark1!A2:AO21 are probably mass percent of total FAME, including C19:0 added for calibration. Sample identifiers are lab-local; GSF1 identifiers are in Ark5!A4:U22 but suffer from typos. Use caution and see below.

This workbook is a mess:

  • Results appear in multiple versions, with little explanation of how the various incarnations are related.
  • Sample identifiers are a mix of lab-local consecutive numbers, or partial GSF identifiers riddled with typos.
  • Fatty acid identifiers are mostly lipid numbers without hyphens, e.g. C18:3n3, but sometimes have free text suffixes, e.g. "C15:1 x", "C16:1 A?".

Any serious use needs to be triple-checked with Magny Thomassen.

Overview of worksheets:

Ark1: "Kopi av analyser SIMEN"

A2:AO21 Sample identifiers (presumably renumbered on arrival in the FAME lab) 16, 33, 34, ... Column names: C12:0, C14:0, ... (except one is called 18:1n9c without the C) Values are probably mass percent of total FAME, at least the row sums are mostly nearly 100. Missing values are indicated by "n.a." Column AP is unlabeled and contains values ranging from 49-224, perhaps sample mass in mg?

A24:U43 Same as A2:AO21 but only including fatty acids that are detected in more than half the samples. (Column B is blank in this region.)

A47:T65 Same as A24:U43 but dropping C19:0 and multiplying other percentages by 100/(100 - percent C19:0), scaling the non-C19:0 to sum to 100. Column T is "sum lange omega3", i.e. C20:5n3, C22:5n3, C22:6n3.

X47:AB65 Excerpt of A47:T65 sorted by C18:3n3 and including C18:3n3, C20:5n3, C22:5n3, C22:6n3. Column AB are lab-local sample identifiers.


A4:U22 'Ark5'!B4:U22 are identical to 'Ark1'!A47:T65. Mangled tube labels in column A: VO 22/9, MA1/9, ..., V__M22/9 etc etc Lab-local sample identifiers in column B.

Rows 24-66 copy each sampling date's rows from above, manually computing averages.

A24 says "Alle muskelprøver. De gule er de som ble analysert som småprøver." The yellow labels have somewhat more complete tube labels, e.g. "D0 VO MS 1/9 7", "D0-VO-MS-1/9_6".

Rows 69-76: "Identifikasjon hentet fra små prøver bearbeidet, for de muskelprøver som ble funnet der."

Rows 78-85: "Hentet fra oversikt sendt til Simen."

W33:AB40: Gathers averages from rows 24-66 for plotting C18:3n3, C20:5n3, C22:5n3, C22:6n3 by sampling date.


'Ark2'!A5:E23 are identical to 'Ark1'!X47:AB65.


"2 juni Det jeg nå har fått fra Nina"


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