Feed switch 2015-09, 2016-01 Solbergstranda gross phenotypes
Version 4

Spreadsheet of weight, length and sex of fish sampled after feed switch between vegetable and marine oil, in September 2015 (freshwater) and January 2016 (seawater).

Spreadsheet columns are: Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Day (day zero is the day before first feeding with new feed) Inputter (person entering data into Excel) Tank (1, 2, 4, 5 with Atlantic salmon, 3 and 6 with rainbow trout) Section (tanks were divided in half using perforated walls) Treatment (explained in sheet "treatments") Species Fish # (in the spreadsheet, fish are numbered within tank-sections for Sept 2015 and within treatments for Jan 2016. I suspect the sample tubes were numbered within treatments even for Sept 2015) Weight g Length mm Start cutting (approximate time of day, and only sporadically registered) Sex (male, female) Notes (free text) End freezing (time of day, sporadically registered) Duration (computed from time-points if registered) "Tube label (X = tissue: G=gut, L=liver, M=muscle)" (e.g. D1-M->V-X-3/9#1 for 2015 and D20_MA_VO_X_T2-5 for 2016, see https://fairdomhub.org/sops/248 Life stage (FW = freshwater, SW = saltwater) Fish number (1, 2, ..., 549). Unique within the GSF1 experiment. Sample ID stem: e.g. GSF1_SW_D20_VOMA_F546 means "GSF1 experiment, SW life stage, Day 20, vegetable-oil-to-marine diet switch, fish number 546". G, L, M: Tissue sample identifiers for gut, liver, muscle (appending _G, _L, _M) RNAseq FG id: Identifiers used by Fabian Grammes for RNAseq data. Generated as documented in https://gist.github.com/jonovik/62f0216e7fae39e34305ea0eda049ca3.

The sheet "sanity checks" contains pivot tables of number of fish sampled per day, tank, section, treatment etc. The sheet "RNAseq ID from Version 3" contains a copy of Version 3, with fish numbers (F-numbers) added for lookup.

Version 2 is also on Bitbucket as https://bitbucket.org/cigenebb/genosysfat/src/9b764bc/genosysfat%20sampling%20solbergstranda%202015-09,%202016-01.xlsx Version 3 was generated as per https://gist.github.com/jonovik/62f0216e7fae39e34305ea0eda049ca3. Version 4 is essentially a revert to Version 2 but merging in RNAseq identifiers from Version 3.

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/data_files/1330?version=4

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Yang Jin, Tom Harvey


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Version History

Version 4 (latest) Created 1st May 2018 at 12:16 by Jon Olav Vik

Add easier-to-parse sample identifiers for future use, including metabolomics at NTNU May 2018 onwards. Revert the rest of the spreadsheet to Version 2, but add a sheet from Version 3, which has Fabian Grammes' identifiers used for RNAseq analysis. The script to generate those identifiers is at https://gist.github.com/jonovik/62f0216e7fae39e34305ea0eda049ca3.

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