Description of feeds for crossover feeding trial at Solbergstranda 2015-2016
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At the GenoSysFat startup meeting 2015-04-22, Dominic Nanton of EWOS described the feeds they made for GenoSysFat.

Describes recipes with linseed oil (LNO) and palm oil (PO) to provide the 18:3n-3 precursor to EPA and DHA and match saturation of 100% fish oil (FO) control diet at ca 0.7 mass% EPA+DHA.

Page 2: Overview Page 3-4: Description of feeds. Feed no., Code, Initial fish weight (g), Feed size (mm), Fish number (3000), Feed (kg) Page 5-7: Feed formulations. Feed number, Feed name, Feed size (mm), North Atlantic fishmeal, Plant meals, Additives, North Atlantic fish oil, Linseed oil, Palm oil, Protein (%), Fat (%), Saturated (% total FA), EPA+DHA (% diet)


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