Model simulations of HSD11B1/AKR1C3 incubation and cortisone and 11KA4 inversion during CBX inhibition

HSD11B1 was inhibitied by CBX and the effect of the inhibition on cortisone and 11KA4 conversion was simulated. The model was coded in Mathematica and the f=manuscript figures 3 A,B,C,D,E anbd F are presented in the notebook.


Modelling Analysis

Jacky Snoep

Projects: Steroid biosynthesis

Investigation: Effect of 11BHSD inhibition on 11-ketotestosterone biosynthesis

Study: CBX inhibition of HSD11B1 and effect on HSD11B1/AKR1C3 incubations

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Biological problem addressed: Model Analysis Type

Organisms: No organisms

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