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Column 1: Row numbers Column 2: Sample id (See below) Column 3: Water (Fish from salt water or fresh water) Column 4: Tissue (Liver or Gut) Column 5: Feed (MA- Marine oil, VO- Vegetable oil) Column 6: Day Column 7: Count file location

Column 2 explained: The freshwater fish have no tank numbers and saltwater fish do have tank numbers eg : 69-D0-MA-G-1 - > 69 well position (id given when sequncing), Day 0, Marine oil, Gut, Fish number 1 147-D16-VO-MA-L-6 -> 147 well position, Day 16, Vegetable oil to marine oil, Liver, Fish number 6 109-D0-MA-G-T2-1 -> 109 well position, Day 0, Marine oil, Gut, Tank 2, Fish number 1

D6-MA-L-7, D6-VO-L-7 Sampled twice by accident


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