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Genes are transcribed in polysictronic messages (pre-mRNA) that are destined for either maturation into mRNAs, or degradation. Since transcription regulation is non-existent with few exceptions, the rate of pre-mRNA processing, together with mRNA decay and translation rates, are believed to control gene expression. In this assay, 2T1 blood form trypanosomes are subject to treatment by ActinomycinD for 5 minutes, inhibiting transcription. The cells are harvested, depleted for ribosomal RNA, and ...

An overview of RNA sequencing data generated in GenoSysFat (and a couple of others).

Source: Email from Simen Rød Sandve to Jon Olav Vik and Fabian Grammes 2017-02-10, titled "RNAseq generert i GSF".

This should be turned into separate RNAseq Assays when we can allocate people for it. Currently the following have records already:

Tissue panel for gene expression in ZF, Med, RT

Tissue panel for gene expression in ZF,Med,RT- RNA sequencing ...

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Liver samples from Atlantic cod males. Total RNA isolated using TRI Reagent (Fekadu Yadetie). Sequencing performed with Illumina Stranded mRNA (sequencing poly-A mRNA) at Genomic Core Facility at UiB/Haukeland (contact person Rita Holdhus).

The data sets are submitted to the ArrayExpress repository, and will be linked here.

Submitter: Marta Eide

Assay type: Transcriptomics

Technology type: Rna-seq

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Study: In vivo II - GW and WY: Effects on cod lipid me...

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