Bert Poolman

About Bert Poolman:

Bert Poolman is professor in biochemistry and program director of the Centre for Synthetic Biology. His research focuses on the elucidation of the mechanisms by which signals are transduced and small molecules are translocated across cellular membranes. Cells are reengineered for the production of correctly folded membrane proteins, and methods are developed to reconstitute complex molecular assemblies in synthetic membranes and to analyze their functional and structural properties. The in vitro mechanistic studies are used to strengthen in vivo physiological measurements and vice versa. Research topics in his group include: (i) the mechanisms of translocation catalysis by ATP-binding cassette transporters; (ii) the molecular basis of cell volume regulation, incl. a comprehensive understanding of the role of lipid-protein interactions, (macro)molecular crowding and other generic physicochemical factors in transmembrane signaling and transport; and (iii) membrane proteomics with a focus on nuclear and vacuolar membranes and the basis for molecule transport through the nuclear pore complex.

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