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PHAS loci identified by genome and transcriptome-wide phasing analysis. List of genome locations for the all identified non-coding PHAS loci or transcript identifiers (IDs) for protein-coding PHAS loci together with the lengths of their producing phasiRNAs. For the protein-coding PHAS loci, transcript full description, protein domains (obtained from PFAM database; Finn et al. 2016), MapMan ontology annotation (from GoMapMan;(Ramšak et al. 2014)) and log2 ratio of gene expression between PVYNTN-infected and mock samples measured in Désirée and NahG-Désirée plants 3 dpi were given. Yellow – upregulated; blue – downregulated; – statistically not significant (FDR p > 0.05); NA – not analyzed. # - non-coding loci do not have MapMan ontology assignments. D – Désirée; NahG – NahG-Désirée; M – mock; P – PVYNTN.


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