Statistical analysis and BEST method of Kruschke for python applied on citation data in Systems Biology

The statistical analysis was performed in a jupyter notebook. This notebook contains the commands for all performed analyses (Statistical_analysis_of_FAIR_citations.ipynb)

The Bayesian Estimation Superseeds the t Test (BEST) method of Kruschke 2013 was used for the Bayesian significance testing. The method was implemented in a python class together with visualization and distributional analysis methods (

The results of the statistical analysis, including histograms of the data and full posterior and Posterior Predicitive Distributional (PPD) information is added in a results folder.

Methodical details can be found in the methods section of the publication.


Modelling Analysis

Sebastian Höpfl

Projects: Working Group Nicole Radde

Investigation: hidden item

Study: Bayesian hypothesis testing reveals that reproducible models in systems biology get more citations

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Biological problem addressed: Model Analysis Type

Organisms: No organisms

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