Statistical analysis and BEST method of Kruschke for python applied on citation data in Systems Biology

The statistical analysis was performed in a jupyter notebook. This notebook contains the commands for all performed analyses (Statistical_analysis_of_FAIR_citations.ipynb)

The Bayesian Estimation Superseeds the t Test (BEST) method of Kruschke 2013 was used for the Bayesian significance testing. The method was implemented in a python class together with visualization and distributional analysis methods ( Also the bayesian multiple comparison analysis can be found in the file.

The results of the statistical analysis, including histograms of the data and full posterior and Posterior Predicitive Distributional (PPD) information is added in a results folder. Diagnostics according to the Bayesian Analysis Reporting Guidelines of Kruschke 2021 were added for every bayeisan estimation, including the multiple period comparison.

Methodical details can be found in the methods section of the publication.


Modelling Analysis

Sebastian Höpfl

Projects: Working Group Nicole Radde

Investigation: hidden item

Study: Bayesian hypothesis testing reveals that reproducible models in systems biology get more citations

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Biological problem addressed: Model Analysis Type

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