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About James Glazier:

Dr. Glazier’s research focuses on early embryonic development, developmental and chronic toxicity and disease, with more than 100 experimental and computational papers on biological development and developmental diseases (including polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), tumor growth and vascularization, Age Related Macular Degeneration and diabetic retinopathies, somitogenesis and liver toxicity) and more recently on modeling in-host viral infection and immune response. As part of his work on infection modeling, he is founder and co-lead of the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group and Multiscale Modeling Consortium (IMAG/MSM) Working Group on Multiscale Modeling and Viral Pandemics. He leads the collaborative development of the open-source CompuCell3D multi-scale modeling and model-sharing environment and works closely with the EPA, which has adopted CompuCell3D as a core platform for their CompTox computational toxicology program. He actively disseminates both methods and models, with more than 200 invited talks and seminars on modeling and CompuCell3D. He has expertise supervising collaborative development of models and in developing workflows integrating models with experimental data, most recently in the area of developmental toxicology.

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