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The main input is the ENA review paper (Function and Regulation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ENA Sodium ATPase System, Ruiz&Ariño 2007) and the papers referenced. Another source are the papers linked from the ENA page of SGD

Steady state study of the effect of altering gene regulation on yields of end-products, focusing on butanol.

Theoretical analysis of hypothetical sigma factor competition. Based on the model 'transcription factor competition' possible dynamics of sigma factor competition are simulated and analysed using Lineweaver-Burk representations.

We use BSA115 strain which lacks RsbU and RsbW proteins. Therefore, there is limited post-transcriptional regulation of sigmaB activity.

There occurs an unexpected drop in the beta-Gal activity after sigB induction. This modelling effort aims to clarify the reasons.

Using PCA, three components, beam size 8. Clustering via MCL from Biolayout Express 3D

Data is taken from "Genome-Wide Gene Expression Analysis of the Switch between Acidogenesis and Solventogenesis in Continuous Cultures of Clostridium acetobutylicum." Grimmler et al. 2011 DOI: 10.1159/000320973

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For scRNA-Seq, iSABs were dissociated using the Primary Cardiomyocyte Isolation Kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific) before library preparation was performed using the 10xGenomics system with subsequent sequencing on the HighSeq4000 (Illumina). The mouse-SAN scRNA-Seq protocol is described in Goodyer et al. Preprocessing of raw sequencing data from iSABs relied on tools of the Cell Ranger Software (v.6.1.0) as was the procedure in Goodyer et al. Downstream analyses were conducted similar for both ...

Submitter: Anne-Marie Galow

Biological problem addressed: Gene Expression

Investigation: 1 hidden item

Study: Quality control in scRNA‑Seq can discriminate p...

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Submitter: Yi Chen

Biological problem addressed: Gene Expression

Investigation: FAIR Functional Enrichment: Assessing and Model...

Study: FAIR Functional Enrichment

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