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Current technology type qRT-PCR
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This assay describes how to analyze gene expression rates via RT-PCR.

A example of an RT-PCR Excel template. RT-PCR is Reverse Transcriptase PCR (NOT to be confused with Real Time PCR, which is normally referred to as qPCR)

This template was taken from the GEO website ( and modified to conform to the SysMO-JERM (Just enough Results Model) for transcriptomics.
Using templates will mean easier submission to public databases on publication and greater consistency of data in SEEK.

Submitter: Katy Wolstencroft

Assay type: Gene Expression Profiling

Technology type: qRT-PCR

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Mutant strains with linear electron transport chain were grown in chemostat cultures at different defined aerobiosis levels. Expression of selected genes was determined by Real Time RT-PCR

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