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The image file represents the activation of sigB in response to glucose starvation. It was drawn alongside the model 'sigb-response_starvation_shakeflask'. Biomass catalyses the conversion of glucose to biomass, while a low glucose concentration will negatively affect cell viability (inverted shown in the figure, where Glc inhibits cell death). W (RsbW) can form dimers with sigB (B) and dimers and trimers with V (RsbV)(WV, WV2) and is able to phosphorylate V to VP. A high glucose concentration inhibits the dephosphorylation of VP. sigB dependent transcription alongside sigA (A) dependent transcription stays constant. Upon glucose starvation dephosphorylation of VP increases V which performs partner switch with sigB on W. sigB is released to start the transcription of stress response genes.


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